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Flitwick Lower School Improvement Plan 2018-19


Working in partnership with parents and the wider community to create a safe, stimulating and supportive environment that allows children to flourish in their learning.

We Aim to
Provide a rich and exciting curriculum which engages and stimulates children so that everyone can develop fully as an individual and achieve their full potential

Provide opportunities for every child to feel part of and be able to contribute to the school, local and wider community through the teaching of values

Develop motivated, inspired, capable children who have a love of learning and are curious to know more

Provide a secure and supportive environment where children can develop respect for themselves, others and their surroundings

The school development plan enables the school's vision to be shared and understood by the whole community. Our aim is to work and learn together as a community to become the best that we can be.
Please Note:
This development plan is a working document and is subject to change and develops throughout the year. The Curriculum Subject Groups develop their own plans to work alongside the whole school priorities.

In order to improve further leadership and management we need to:

  • Further improve the consistency of subject knowledge of all support staff in maths and GPS
  • Ensure all teaching and support staff are given precise and effective points for development following monitoring
  • To review the performance and management of staff including non –teaching staff
  • To plan for high quality professional development to enable all staff to lead school development and improvement
  • To consider staff well being and self efficacy


In order to improve further pupil outcomes and the quality of teaching and learning we need to:

  • Raise attainment in reading and writing with a particular focus on attainment and engagement of underachieving groups (EYFS, Boys, Term of birth, specific cohorts)
  • To further develop communication skills and language to support enquiry, reasoning and social communication
  • Ensure pupils are able to articulate their knowledge views and understanding in an age appropriate way to support learning across the curriculum


In order to improve further pupil outcomes and teaching and learnng across the curriculum we need to:

  • Develop a mastery approach to maths based on the principles of fluency, talk, using misconceptions, the White Rose approach and application to improve children’s ability to reason and problem solve mathematically
  • Raise attainment in maths with a particular focus on attainment and engagement of underachieving groups
  • Develop reasoning and problem solving across the curriculum

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