Information on how to login to the schools Learning platform and access Learning resources from home.

When you are ready to login click on the “it’s learning” logo, on the Home page Medium_its_learning

Its learning year1 login page

On the Central Bedfordshire it’s learning page enter your username and password.

Foundation login details.. Username =   Password = flsfoundation
Year 1 login details..         Username =           Password = flsyear1
Year 2 login details..         Username =           Password = flsyear2
KS2 will continue to use their own individual log-ins.

The example below shows the year1 login details.

Select Log in.

On the next page you need to select Courses (highlighted in yellow)  from the menu.

year1 logged in1
year1 courses

From the drop down menu select Learning at Home. In the example below Year 1.

year1 Overview

On the next page (Overview) you will need to select Resources. This will take you to where all the on-line learning resources will be.

year1 Resources

Example of the year 1 Resources page


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