The Role of the voice Group

To serve as a communication link between the head teacher or teacher representative and the governing body and the parent community. Feeding back what is going well as well as what could be improved.

Ensuring that the head teacher or above receives constructive and practical suggestions that will enhance the quality of care offered to all the children in the school,
To seek parents views on particular issues as requested by the head teacher or above.
To make decisions on behalf of parents on organisational issues where it is not practical, desirable or appropriate to hold a wider parent consultation.
To provide an objective ‘sounding board’ for the head teacher to discuss school matters and gain a feel for parental views.
To assist in aspects of policy formulation where appropriate. The views expressed may be used later by staff and governors when drawing up school policies.
To give the head teacher a forum within which to explain school policies and procedures. This may be in response to queries from parents.
To encourage parents to discuss any worries they have with the relevant member of staff.
To promote the school in the local community.
To try and participate in school and community events.


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